How to Grow Kiwi fruit From Seed – Gardening Tips

Kiwifruits, also known as simply “kiwis,” are a popular type of edible berry that grows on vines in temperate regions. While each vine can produce hundreds of pounds of fruit, it typically takes anywhere from three to as many as seven years for these plants to reach maturity. Because of this large time investment, be sure to start with good stock and cultivate your kiwifruit plants using optimal methods.

The kiwi tree is especially touchy about less than perfect site and soil conditions in its youth. For this reason, some growers coddle their plants in containers for one, even two, years. Kiwi tree growth can be phenomenal in carefully watered and fertilized containers, and the kiwi tree can be protected their first couple of winters in an unheated basement or a slightly heated garage.

When setting plants in the ground in soil that doesn’t drain perfectly, plant each vine atop a raised mound of earth. Winter cold bites hard at plants of all species their first two or three years in the ground, especially in conjunction with intense sunlight. A wrapping of corn stalks, burlap, or similar materials will shade the developing trunks and abate the fierceness of the cold. Delay protecting the trunks until frost has penetrated the ground an inch; the plants must be exposed to some cold in order to properly acclimate to the cold months ahead. Where winters are brutal, either due to very low or fluctuating temperatures, this wrapping may be advisable even for mature plants. Remember, trunks of wild kiwi trees growing in their native Asian forests never are exposed to full sun.
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