365 dagen per jaar vuurwerk afsteken? Dat kan!

365 dagen per jaar vuurwerk afsteken? Dat kan!


www.Xtremerides1.nl for background information and photo!
Kan jij niet wachten tot 31 december en wil je nu al vuurwerk afsteken? DAT KAN! Dankzij Europa! Zij hebben namelijk bepaald dat je elke dag vuurwerk mag afsteken

You can’t wait till 31 december to fuse your fireworks? You can fuse it now! Because there are new European rules that say that you can shoot your fireworks. One little problem, is only allowed to shoot CAT.1 fireworks and that are little fireworks like: Crackling Ball, Groundbloom, Whistles and that kind of things

My name is Ruben Koet, and I live in Europe. I make video’s of rides and Fireworks.
All kinds of stuff that boys (And some Girls) like, but no soccer! (Extreme) Rides and fireworks
are my passion. I am always looking for awesome stuff to ride or slide. You can find the video’s on: www.youtube.com/xtremerides
and www.youtube.com/Xtremerides1. You can also check my webpage: www.Xtremerides.nl.
If you have any good ideas, please let me know. And maybe I can add it to my webpage and/or my youtube channels
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Tot Hoe Laat Mag Je Vuurwerk Afsteken 2013

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