How to Cook in a Chinese Wok Station.

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The Chinese wok is a special tool for the Asian kitchen. The main advantage of the Chinese wok is the high edge. This shape of the Chinese wok has a small spot for intense heat at the bottom of the Chinese wok. It is possible to save fuel, while cooking a big meal for many people. The curved shape also allows the food in different parts of the pan, without any danger of overflow. Curved walls provide the protection against extreme heat and burning. The word “Chinese wok” comes from the Cantonese language, and it means pan in Chinese. Most Chinese people use the word “Guo” in the official Chinese life. The western people use the name: “Chinese Wok”.

The best Chinese wok has a long wooden handle and a strong steel pan. The Indonesian wok has two handles for cooking on fire. Originally a Chinese wok was a flat pan. The fire was creating a dent in the flat steel plate. People began to use the hammer to repair the dent in the steel plate. Some people created an even bigger dent. The Chinese wok was created in that time. The invention of the wok created a new way of cooking. When used properly, the Chinese wok can last for 100 years. The modern Chinese wok can be made ​​from stainless steel or aluminum, with enamel or a Teflon coating. The traditional Chinese wok is only made from carbon steel. It is best to use the traditional Chinese wok.

Carbon steel can rust very quickly, the traditional Chinese wok must be cleaned without the detergent with a bamboo brush. The carbon steel can soak up the oil and fat on the surface, which gives the Chinese wok a special anti-stick properties. Therefore it is better to never use soap on the Chinese wok, so that the fat can stick to the metal. The combination a high temperature, and the layer of fat can create a special Chinese flavor and aroma of the food that is cooked in the Chinese wok. This aroma is the breath of the Chinese wok. The Chinese people love it !

The Indonesian wok is not related to the Chinese wok. They are very different tools. The Indonesia wok is like a cooking pot that can be used on fire. The Indonesian people use it for cooking soup and coconut on the slow fire. The Chinese wok is used for cooking very fast and to use a lot of oil for rice and noodles. The flame can create fire in the wok. The fire on the food can create an interesting flavor.

The western people love to eat Chinese food, because it is exotic and interesting for them. There are many fast food restaurants for Asian food in Europe. The wet rice and wet noodles can be cooked very fast in the Chinese wok. One small restaurant can create food for 1000 people every day. The cook will be very tired, but also very rich. Cooking the food in the Chinese wok is a very fast way to make money in Europe, because the people love everything that is exotic and new for them.

The modern Chinese wok has multiple layers of materials. There is a ceramic insulation that can keep the wok worm and hot for a longer period of time. The cook can save electricity or gas and the profit is higher.

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