Gabber Tutorial "Hakken"

Hoe Doe Je Hakken

Voor de grap een keer gemaakt. Bij deze staat ie op youtube, mijn gabber tutorial! Aan het eind van het filmpje staan nog twee korte filmpjes van hoe je kunt gaan hakken! Misschien heb je er wat aan, veel succes!


1. Kasparov – Magic

2. DJ Bass Vs DJ Cronik – Hostile and Decadent

3. The Prophet – Big Boys Dont Cry

4. Weapon X – We Dont Give A Fuck

5. Tommyknocker Vs Sunbeam – Twisted World (The Viper Mashup Mix)

Translation in English:
Step 1
put decent shoes on (Nike Air Max Classics)

Step 2
Try to make the next movement with your feets
(tip) kick them a little bit out on the end it this so it looks nicer

Try to do step two faster

We are now going to learn the first move: Het overstapje (The Changeover)
Practice this until you have enough skills. It needs to be a smooth transition

Feet tap
This move can be used when the beat is irregular. You will feel that feet tap is out of the normal hak rhythm

The Cripple
Also as feet tap this move can be used when the beat is irregular in a track.
To use these moves you can show the people a brackpoint/interval.

These are the six steps to learn normal hakken
Dont forget this is only a example always created your own style
Now we continue with the advanced way of hakken

The basic is one of the most difficualt move from this type of hakken
Try to do this move 100% right before you go further
This will make the rest of the steps a lot easier.

Bring your feet to the back
Lift your other feet up
Put your right leg behind with a little step and throw at the same time your left leg to the front

Kick your feet away
Throw your right feet against your left
Step twice with your left feet to the side and throw him then behind your right leg
This could also be turned round

Hopefully you can now hak a little bit
Or you have a lot of practice material to study with

I wish everybody good luck and fun

Now Im showing you quick two movies of how you can hak if you can do all the previous steps

Thanks for watching!
Hopefully you it will help

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