FIFA 14 All 55 Skills Tutorial | HD 1080p

Hoe Doe Je Trucjes Fifa 14 Ps3

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skill moves in this video tutorial:
ball juggle
ball flick
body feint right/left
stepover right/left
reverse stepover right/left
ball roll right/left
fake shot
standing foot faint
drag back
heel flick
flick up
roulette right/left
fake left go right
fake right go left
ball hop
double touch spin left/right
double touch exit right/left
simple rainbow
advanced rainbow
heel chop left /right
scoop turn left/right
reverse stepover front right /front left
scoop turn
hocus pocus
triple elastico
ball roll and flick left/right
sombrero flick
turn and spin left/right
ball roll fake left/right
rabona fake
elastico chop left/right
laces flick up
sombrero flick backwards
sombrero flick left/right
around the world
hop the world
in air elastico
flick up for volley
chest flick
T. around the world
reverse elastico
reverse in air elastico
reverse toe bounce left/right
L. around the world
reverse stepover spin left/right
quick ball rolls
double touch exit left/right
ball roll cut left/right
heel pass
hocus pocus pass
henry pass
drag back pass
Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5

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